Tex Hamel

Tex Hamel (guitar, vocals) was born in Corpus Christi, Texas but grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. He was introduced to cowboy and western swing music in the 1960’s while in high school by a local musician who had performed for several years on the WLS National Barn Dance and acted in movies with Gene Autry. It is a pleasure to work with such talented musicians as part of a western vocal trio.

Miz Patti Hamel

Patti Hamel (Accordion, Bass and Vocals). Miz Patti has been performing in various music ensembles for years , but particularly loves cowboy/western swing music for it’s stories, tight arrangements and energy.

Bob (Slim) Denoncourt

Bob (Slim) (Bass, Harmony and Lead Vocals) Bob started his Bluegrass career in 1966. He has played with many notable bands throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand over the last 50 years. He now plays with the Old Blue Band (a traditional 5 piece Bluegrass Combo) and Rusted Spurs West. He sings harmony and lead vocals with both. Bob has played several different styles of bass beginning with a Kay upright bass, then went to a fretless electric bass for more mobility on stage. He now plays a Kala U-Bass. He has found his niche playing Cowboy & Western Swing and thoroughly enjoys singing with Tex & Patti!